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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

While I have known that Christ Jesus is the foundation of the Church and that Christians, like me, are to build on this foundation but how exactly was I to continue doing so in an acceptable manner to God? This then has been an ongoing concern for me to live by every day!

On one occasion many years ago I came across a poem by JSB Monsell, I was greatly encouraged that here was a servant of God who knew the secrets of how to build God Yahweh’s house on the foundation of Christ Jesus. He portrayed such a vivid and beautiful Church in his poem just as taught by Paul in I Corinthians chapter 12, which was in accordance with what the Lord Jesus had taught on the Sermon on the Mount as well as in John 13:34. All these have to do with the heart attitudes being in line with such teachings as only then could the outward actions, by God’s merciful enabling, bring about the upbuilding of the Church together!

So to start with, I don’t have to concern myself if I have genuine love for another person or how much love I have before I proceed to care for others. So long as I am willing and ready to be humble at heart, to be open to correction as well as to teaching, to be free from sin, to forgive others without a grudge, only then would we, as a family of God, be sensitive to God Yahweh’s holy presence. With it the prisoners to sin could be set free, the broken hearted could be comforted, the lost could be restored, the broken relationships could be rebuilt etc. Thus our vows could be realised and our praise and worship could be well pleasing and acceptable to God. So long as we continue to take small steps in the right direction everyday, we could reach the goal in due time!

What a beautiful portrayal of this loving Church as intended by God for each of us to build on the sure foundation of Christ Jesus! Would you join me in keeping this vision clearly before us, no matter how weak and unworthy we may feel, to fulfilling God’s will for us to build His Church on Christ Jesus, our Lord?

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