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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

I recall that I had a very sincere wish, a long time ago, to become a channel of encouragement and refreshing to others around me. But I soon realised that if I were to be consistent in being such a channel, I would need much more than just a sincere wish. I then recalled that the Lord Jesus exhorted his hearers to believe on him so that out of that person’s inner being shall flow rivers of living water. If so, wouldn’t this be the most refreshing and encouraging channel for others?

As I tried to trace the source for such abundance of living water, I came upon John 4:14 which shows the reality in believing in the Lord Jesus as nothing less than to drink the water which he alone can provide. Drinking this water is so unique as the person will become a spring of living water, thus enabling the person to have rivers of living water flowing out of his inner being. O how amazing and wonderful indeed that a person can be so transformed to becoming a source of the living water in him too!

The realisation of this gave me so much motivation to believe and obey what the Lord Jesus taught so that my life would not be wasted on things that would soon pass away, that I could become a consistent channel of God Yahweh’s encouragement and blessings to those around. This is in fact my one strong motivation to show my indebtedness and gratitude to God’s abundant mercies in my own life ever since!

What I have so freely received, I must also freely pass on to others.

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